Dangerously Cool: Introducing The New iPod Ninja

We all know that Steve Jobs is Apple’s CEO by day, and a ninja by night but, Apple has denied a widely circulated story that Steve was stopped at an airport in Japan after ninja stars ( shuriken ) were found in his carry-on luggage. Turns out that those ninja stars were actually iPod prototypes…

Today Apple announced the “dangerously cool” iPod ninja, the last of the new 2010 iPod family. This razor-thin iPod combines the fun of entertainment with the thrill of lethal weaponry. And it’s super-easy to buy.

All you have to do is show a photo ID, fill out a form, then wait three days for approval by the National Criminal Background Check system.

iPod ninja fits into that sweet spot between the iPod touch and a small handgun,” says Apple spokesperson Ted Wetmore. “It gives you peace of mind. You can either enjoy your music on the device — or you can fling it at anyone who looks at you funny. With a little practice, you can take down a foe at 50 feet.

However, there is a dark side to the new iPod. As iPod ninja sales boom, some blogs are already reporting a “death grip” problem even worse than the one that plagued iPhone 4. If you hold iPod ninja in a certain way, you may require immediate medical care.

[via scoopertino]