Cylay 3.0: A Service Similar to Find My iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia: Cylay 3.0.I believe you all know about one of the most unique feature, Find My iPhone , that Apple introduced with the new OS 3.0. Its also depending on MobileMe. So , if you dont have a MobileMe account, well… you can try Cylay 3.0.

Lets begin by saying that Cylay is the first application available in Cydia to use Apple’s Push Notification, so make sure you have this feature enabled.

Its main purpose is to provide some certainty and to recover the lost iPhone.

Remote can control:

  • iPhone state  (Normal, lost, found)
  • Display a message on the screen and playing a sound
  • Back up data on servers or Cylay to Google
  • Restore a backup
  • Send an SMS
  • Keep track of iPhone’s position
  • Display a “Warning” message  on the screen
  • Erase all data
  • View the log of activities performed on the lost iPhone

All these settings are adjusted through switches present on the iPhone, or directly from the page accessible via a common Web Browser. Similarly to Find My iPhone also have the map with the location of the phone.

Cylay found in Cydia. The subscription service costs $ 19.99 a year.