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BatteryLife: Check Your iPhone/iTouch Battery Status

BatteryLife is a new utility available for free in the AppStore. This is an application through which you can monitor the status of your battery percentage. In other words, with BatteryLife you will have complete data regarding the autonomy of your iPhone / iTouch.

When you load the app , you can see:

  • charging level ( Level )
  • day and time of last verification (Last Check)
  • the battery level that refers to the time that you used the application (Last Level)
  • the period, expressed in hours and minutes, during which your device is connected to an energy source while the application was launched
  • an LED light show:
      green when the battery is fully charged;
      orange when the battery is being charged;
      red when the device is not connected to the charger.

In the settings panel  you can decide whether to show or hide any of this information.

BatteryLife is compatible with iPhone and iTouch and it requires firmware 3.0