Creaceed Releases iPhone Speech Recognition SDK

Creaceed has released an iPhone speech recognition SDK for all developers who want to release original and distinctive applications on the App Store. Today, any developer secretly hopes to release a successful application millions iPhone/iPod Touch owners will download. There are many ways to attract potential users: low prices, YouTube movies, online ads, Twitter promotions, etc. Now, rather than applying discounted prices, they can opt for a still unused technology: speech recognition provided by Creaceed’s CeedVocal SDK.

What is CeedVocal SDK?

  • Is a multi-locutor Automatic Speech Recognition SDK (no training required)
  • Is based on the acoustic models developed by Creaceed in English, French, and German
  • Provides a phonetizer which is sufficient for common words
  • Is provided in the form of a static library with header files. The programming language of the SDK is Objective-C
  • Recognizes isolated words from a user provided list of up to 5000 words
  • Is optimized for fast launching
  • Provides voice activity detection (VAD)
  • Is provided as a Universal Binary library (ARM/Intel) for easier setup with iPhone Simulator


  • Creaceed used the technology from CeedVocal SDK to develop Vocalia, its voice dialing application available worldwide on the App Store. Moreover, a real example of how to integrate CeedVocal SDK into an iPhone app is available on Creaceed’s website.

Pricing and Availability:

  • iPhone developers can purchase a license either for developing a single application, or for developing an unlimited number of applications. CeedVocal SDK is currently available in English, French and German. New languages will be added soon. For more information about the SDK Fee and SDK License Pricing, see Creaceed’s website.