SaladFork (Crackulous developer) is having a bit of a strop over the recent leak…. So this is the story :

Short version: Crackulous was leaked, and I’ve lost motivation to work on it. Therefore, it’s canceled. It’s not too late, but the leaker and the sites posting the leaks are the only one who can remedy this situation.

Full version:
For the past few weeks, I have been working on an application named Crackulous. If you haven’t heard about it, you can read about what it is in the official thread.

For those who haven’t heard, the newest beta of Crackulous has been leaked. We know how it was leaked, and we know the method used. As for who it is, that’s not important right now. I would however, like to discuss my feelings on this matter.

I personally think this leak is absolutely disgusting, and downright insulting. Let me put this into perspective for those of you out there who might not understand.

There are a few people in this community who are considered “developers”. People such as myself, Kyek, puy0, and uncon, who devote our time and energy into creating tools and applications for this community and expect nothing in return. None of us are paid for our times, although we’re all skilled enough to work at a job that pays for our time. We do what we do because we enjoy it, and we want to better the community.

The beta testers of Crackulous have noticed that I have released a new version of Crackulous almost every day or two, fixing all the bugs that had been reported up until that day. I was proud of Crackulous, and put a large majority of my free time into ensuring it will be the best application it possibly could be. I responded to beta tester feedback, and each version of Crackulous was better than the last.

I released it to beta testers for a reason. I know that a new application is bound to have bugs, and we have members of this community (“Beta Testers”) who have volunteered their time to help developers test their products. I wanted Crackulous to be fully tested, from any angle, so I can fix all of its bugs, and release it as a finished product. I also wanted to make sure the code I released was bug-free, so people didn’t learn bad code.

From the beginning, I planned to release Crackulous to the public, and have it so anybody could download it. I was also going to release the full source code, so anyone who wanted to make an iPhone application could use it as an education resource. However, that wasn’t enough for some people, and they’ve decided to leak Crackulous to the public, although it is still in a beta stage. They’ve downright disrespected me, this community, and this project.

To be completely honest, it’s very disheartening to know how quickly people go to leak a project that was going to be released to the public anyway, and for absolutely free. They still found the need to release it themselves, and release an incomplete product. If they’re not going to respect my application, my time, my efforts, or even me, why should I work so hard to provide this community with something that doesn’t benefit me at all? And the answer is, I have no reason to.

From this moment on, Crackulous is officially canceled. I’m ceasing all work on the project. Features I was working on such as a MutliCrack mode (crack many applications at once), full integration (easily and automatically add a cracked application to, and much more will never come to be.

I’ll finish up with a few directed notes.

  • To community leaders: I apologize for not releasing this resource to you and your members, but I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. If you’d like to help, please just spread my message, and prevent the leak from getting worse (control which threads are posted about it). It’s possible that it will come back in the future.
  • To the community members: I am sincerely sorry that you are not going to be able to use this application that I have been working on for so long. I put my time and effort into it for you. I wanted it to be easy, user-friendly, and simple to use, so all of you could be contributing members of the community. I hope that you too can understand where I’m coming form.
  • To websites posting the leak: It would be most appreciate if you would remove all links to the Crackulous leak. It is not a finished product, and not ready for public distribution. It requires quite a bit more work before release, and will get a bunch of new features. By releasing it, you’re releasing an unfinished project, and are only harming the community. I cannot force you to remove the links, but consider this my asking you. It would be much appreciated it you’d work with me in this manner. Crackulous is going to was going to be released to the public soon anyway, are you really that impatient?
  • To the leaker: We all make mistakes, I know I have. It’s not too late to apologize for what you’ve done, ask for the links to be removed, and redeem yourself. Your name will remain private, and I’ll consider continuing development of Crackulous. This really is in your hands.
  • To other developers (and wanna-be developers): I know many of you were looking forward to the source code of Crackulous, and I was looking forward to releasing it. I added comments throughout most of the application, to increase readability and understandability. It really would have been an invaluable tool. I hope that you understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, and can forgive me.

For those wondering, all the other projects I’ve been working on have also been canceled for the time being.