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Need to know where your next meeting is? Do you have any new email? What about a quick glimpse at your SMS/Text messages or weather? Want to catch the latest news, but Safari is too slow? IntelliScreen™ allows you to glimpse at your critical data on your iPhone “Slide to Unlock” screen!


  • View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen
  • Taskbar Icons for Missed Email, SMS, and Phone calls
  • IntelliDial – Dial by photo from the lock screen by pressing the Home Button
  • QuickView – View/Mark Read/Mark Unread/Delete your Emails and SMS from the Lock Screen
  • 2 IntelliScreens – Double Tap the Clock Area to goto Page 2
  • Hide IntelliScreen with a Swipe to the left on the Clock Area – Swipe Right to get it back
  • Customizable Alert Reminders – Don’t forget about a missed call, unread email, unread SMS, or repeating Calendar Alerts
  • Vibrate, Sound, or Flash Alerting with Alert Quiet Time
  • Smooth scrolling across each item to quickly glimpse at your data
  • Tap-To-Check Email when you view the unlock screen – no need to “Refresh” from or wait 15 minutes
  • Go directly to the application of your choice with a “Swipe”
  • Precise International Weather (by Zip) provided by Weather
  • News Feeds include Yahoo!, CNN, BBC Fox News, and Reuters
  • Add your own Custom RSS Feed
  • ESPN Sports Feeds include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Men’s Football and NCAA Women’s Basketball
  • Customizing your IntelliScreen™ is easy! Choose which content you want to view and where
  • Customize your Layout by pinching and pulling content
  • Mail and Text Messages can be shown only if new items are available
  • Skinnable – Customize to the way you want IntelliScreen to look


  1. Install IntelliScreen 2.3.2 from Cydia. You will need to get a trial license. (it doesn´t matter if expired or not, continue the guide)
  2. Download this file
  3. SSH into your phone
  4. Backup the following:

    • /Applications/
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenDisplay
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenMail
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenSB
  5. Upload and overwrite from the package the following files:

    • /Applications/
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenDisplay
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenMail
    • /Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreenSB
  6. Set the permissions on all four files to 755
  7. Reboot iPhone/iPod for patch to take effect



1. Open Cydia and Add Source:
2. Download IntelliPatch from the source you just added.
3. That’s it…you have IntelliScreen 2.3.2 cracked