CONTEST : Win Key Codes To Register QuickSMS

Yes, finally , the QuickSMS contest is here. I know you were waiting for this one for some time, but you had the chance to familiarise yourselves with this wonderful app , and now you know that you want to have it legitimately registered! so you can benefit of further updates without the pain of constantly looking for a crack. God damn, that was a long phrase ! There will be 8 winners to this contest and it will require a little bit of work from your behalf.

But don’t worry , you will not need to move your royal behinds from the comfort of  chair in order to win a key to register QuickSMS! You need to do , what you do all day anyway. Stop that, i know that you do that. So what do you need to do ? Basically, i will pick winners for how much work they do for FSMdotCOM.So, let’s go through the rules.


Newcomers to FSMdotCOM

Subscribe to my RSS feed here – 1 entry

Subscribe to my RSS feed via email here – 2 entries

Old Monkeys

Digg this contest on here – 1 entry

Stumble this contest on StumbleUpon  – 1 entry

Twitter this ” FSMdotCOM is giving away QuickSMS keys ” – 1 entry

So basically you can earn entries for diggin the contest + stumble it + twitter it + subscribing. If you want to take it one step forward, you can comment on this post, and dont blablabla on it, just write 3 functions that you want to see in upcoming versions of QuickSMS. ( IT COUNTS )

ALSO after you complete all the steps to earn entries , comment on this post and tell what you have done and make sure you use your e-mail adress so if that you will win, i will have the correct email address to send the key to.

The contest starts today 03.05.2009 and ends on 17.05.2009 – hurry up, you only got two weeks to do this.

How can you stumbleupon the post? One easy way is to use the button belowe the post :


DON”T subscribe both to RSS via a RSS agregator and RSS via e-mail. If you do that, basically you eliminate yorself.

YOU DON”T NEED TO do all of the options : rss+digg+stumbleupon+twitter+3 functions. I just gave you as many options as possible. For example, if you are not on Twitter, thats no problem.


OMG , didnt think this would be so hard. WTF?!?!? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO EVERY STEP IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. You can do only one thing , for example subscribe to my RSS or digg the contest on IT IS A ENTERY BASED PARTICIPATION. Doing only 1(one) thing, you will get 1(one) entry but at least you contribute to the community. damnnnnn , i love you guys, but sometimes my brain just cant process your questions and my nose start bleeding from tring to figure it out, how the fuck you dont get some shit????…. ( this abnormal behaviour of mine, IS NOT addressed to all of you !!!! Only to those of you who sent me e-mails asking me “if i do this do i have a chance winning a key, but if i do that, isnt that better?”…. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk , just do it for fun you fuckin leeches! )



  • jeff
  • bebe
  • vonswanko
  • thetechmonkey
  • alme1304
  • amanda
  • David Griffith
  • TJ

basically ony jeff and bebe took this as a contest which has rules. rules that you need to follow in order to win. oh well… enjoy you’re quicksms. i know i do 🙂