ClipShot Allows You To Better Manage Your iOS Screenshots

clipshot-Cydia-iOS-FSMdotCOMIf you take a lot of screenshots on your iOS devices, you should take a look at ClipShot – a new tweak available for free on Cydia ( via BigBoss repo ). The tweak allows you to better manage your iOS Photo Stream when it comes to screenshots ( similar to Screenshot Dam ) but it’s main feature is adding options to save the screenshot(s) to you Camera Roll or to the clipboard.

Saving the screenshots to the Camera Roll it’s pretty self explanatory. It works just like screenshots work right now on iOS: you take a screenshot and it will be saved to your Camera Roll.

But what happens when you want to take a screenshot just so you can send it to somebody via, let’s say, iMessages? Well that’s where ClipShot comes in handy. Once you take a screenshot on your iOS device, a new window will show on your screen just like on the screenshot above. If you tap to save the screenshot to the clipboard, the screenshot won’t be saved to your Camera Roll and you can simply paste it in iMessage, Safari, Mail, etc and send it. The screenshot will never be saved to your Camera Roll, and it will be available for you to paste anytime as long as you don’t copy anything else to your clipboard ( another screenshot, text etc ).

The tweak also comes with with a dedicate menu in the where you can set to always copy your screenshot to the clipboard, show or hide the camera flash while taking a screenshot, enable or disable the shutter sound when you take a screenshot or enable/disable the auto-upload your screenshots to the Photo Stream.

ClipShot is available on Cydia via BigBoss repo…