Cicero: Get More Search Engines In MobileSafari

New day, new app in Cydia: Cicero. Cicero breaks the search engine limitations Apple put in Safari by giving you the power to add and manage search engines directly inside of Safari!

Cicero is an OpenSearch-compliant search engine manager that makes it easy to add search engines directly inside of the browser via OpenSearch-compliant websites or from the massive database of search engines available through Mycroft.

Cicero also makes your life simpler by integrating search suggestions – for compatible OpenSearch engines like YouTube and Wikipedia, Cicero will display suggested queries as you type for faster access to the content you want!

With Cicero, you can

  • Switch search engines by tapping on the current engine’s icon.
  • Grab search engines from OpenSearch-compatible websites.
  • View search suggestions as you type (available with some engines).
  • Incorporate even more search engines from MyCroft’s search engine index (look for ).
  • Delete a search engine you no longer want with a horizontal swipe.

You can buy Cicero for $2.49 from Cydia via BigBoss repo…