Check Out What’s New In iOS 7.1 Beta 3


Today Apple pushed iOS 7.1 beta 3 to developers. The new beta comes with several bug fixes but also a few UI changes that give an entirely new look and feel to the OS.

Jump over the break to check out what’s new in iOS 7.1 beta 3…

Keyboard: The keyboard in iOS 7 has been slightly revamped, making adding a slight boldness to the font and a new design to the delete and shift keys. It also incorporates a somewhat darker, less yellow gray tone. Overall, the keyboard changes have the effect of adding contrast and making the letters easier to see. ( iOS 7 keyboard on the left, iOS 7.1 keyboard on the right )


Icons: The green color in the Phone, Messages, and FaceTime apps has been toned down and is now darker, especially at the bottom of the icons. This introduces a less neon coloration to iOS 7, cutting down on some of the operating system’s brightness. ( Darker iOS 7.1 icons on the top, brighter iOS 7 icons on the bottom )


Phone: The Phone app has seen the biggest changes, with a renewed focus on simple, circular buttons. The standard incoming call screen with rectangular buttons has been replaced with a black background and two round Accept and Decline icons.


The “Call” and “End” buttons visible on the dialer have also been replaced with circular icons. ( iOS 7 dialer on the left, iOS 7.1 dialer on the right )


Wallpaper: When selecting a new wallpaper, users can now choose to turn the parallax effect on or off.

Shut down: The power off screen when shutting down the phone has a new look that does away with the red “slide to power off” and cancel tabs first introduced with iOS 7. The new design includes a power button icon at the top and a cancel icon at the bottom.


Accessibility: A New option has been added in the Accessibility’s Contrast menu, allowing users to reduce iOS 7’s white point. This feature joins both the “Button Shapes” and Darken Colors options that were added in an older iOS 7.1 beta.

Music: The Music app has new shuffle and repeat buttons that are more prominent, and iTunes Radio has a revamped “New” button.  ( iOS 7 buttons on the left, iOS 7.1 buttons on the right )