Check Out The iWatch S and iWatch C [concept]


Nobody knows what Apple’s forthcoming iWatch will look like but rumors about an iSmartwatch are going strong. Inspired by the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, designer Martin Hajek has released two new concepts for the iWatch S and iWatch C which you can check in greater detail after the break…

iwatch-c-concept-0-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-1-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-2-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-3-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-4-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-5-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-6-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-7-FSMdotCOM iwatch-c-concept-8-FSMdotCOM Unknown

iwatch-s-concept-0-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-1-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-2-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-3-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-4-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-5-FSMdotCOM iwatch-s-concept-6-FSMdotCOM