Charge Your iPhone With a Flux Capacitor [video]

Charge Your iPhone With a Flux Capacitor


Novelty nerd shop Think Geek had a field day with its April Fools faux-merchandisingpranks earlier this year, which included items like Rosetta Stone Kingon edition and Mr. Beard Beard Machine. Well, out of that slew of great pranking came a solid idea that Think Geek has finally decided to create and sell. You can now officially buy a Flux Capacitor for your car that works as a phone charger for only $25.

The infamous item from the Back to the Future series is now a tangible object to stick into your car’s 12v power adapter (cigarette lighter). There are two charging ports on the Capacitor, in case you’ve got a friend in the passenger seat (or you need to boost that burner up for a little bit). You can also turn the Flux Capacitor’s lights on or off so it looks like the real deal from an outsider’s point of view.


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