Charge Cycle: The Fun Way to Charge Your Phone! [video]

New York-based David Krawczyk and Navjot Kaur have created a healthy, sustainable and convenient way for city dwellers to charge their mobile devices, while travelling within the city, for free.

Called ‘The Charge Cycle’, the project consists of bicycles equipped with phone-charging docks, a lock and a bike stand, and a web-based mobile application. The bikes are free for users to use anywhere in New York City.

Depending on the amount pledged on Kickstarter, users can lease the bike for a specific duration—and cycle while charging their phones.

When they reach their destination, they can lock the bikes up and update the location of the bike for the convenience of other users.

While the bikes are locked up and stationary, other people can also use it to charge their phones. The Charge Cycle is scheduled to debut in May 2013, with at least 30 bikes.

For more information, check out the video below and the official project page on kickstarted…