HOW TO: Change Your Carrier Name And Add Emoji In Folders Name On Non-Jailbroken iPhones Running iOS 4

All right, you got the newest and greatest iPhone 4, but alas there’s no jailbreak. You’re not gonna sit idly by and not give you’re device a little visual tweaks though are you? Heck no, me neither. So follow along and let’s see what we can do.

First is with the use of folders. You get to pick the names, so why not add a little icon? But we don’t have any file system access…and we don’t need it…remember emojicons? Yup, it’s that simple. Just add an emoji icon at the beginning of the name of the folder. Simple and effective. Don’t have emojis? Go to the iTunes app store and get an emoji app, i suggest PayUpSucker since it’s not a one trick pony..and um yeah its my app

The next is a little more involved and requires you to use a Windows app, so you Mac users need VMware or a Windows machine. You can get it here. Just run the trial mode, as you’ll probably only do this once.

Run iTunes, connect your iPhone/iPod Touch, when its name appears in iTunes, right click it and select “Back Up”.Close iTunes, run iTunes Backup Manager, select your iPhone/iPod Touch name in left tree pane, find Library/Preferences/ in right list pane and double click it.

At the first line add the following string

your carrier name
your time string

Select main menu->File-> and press OK, wait few minutes til the restore success. Your iPhone will restart automatically and the carrier name and time string changed to what ever you typed in.