Casey Neistat’s Comprehensive First Look at the New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar [video]


Everybody is unboxing and reviewing the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. You’ve probably seen some videos. You’ve probably seen disk speed tests, Geekbench test, and… of course the comparison with last year’s MacBook Pro.

Sometimes the new MacBook Pro is faster and sometimes slower than last year’s model. Even so, the new MacBook Pro will perform various tasks faster than last gen MacBook Pro.

Should you buy the new MacBook Pro? If you need to ask yourself this question, than you probably don’t. Just enjoy your 2015 MBP. The new one is not a game changer. Not yet.

However, if you’re going to buy one, go ahead and watch all the MBP videos on YouTube, and also watch Casey’s “comprehensive” first look at the 15inch MBP with TouchBar. Just because it’s different, I think it addresses everybody even if it’s a MacBook “Pro” and I happen to agree with everything he says. Not because it’s Casey, but because I had the exact same thoughts when Apple unveiled the damn thing.

Jump over the break to check out the video…

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