Cancel Your iPad Pre-Order. The Diamond iPad Will Be Available On June 1 For $20,000

Everybody knows that once you get some cash money in your pocket you need to buy rims and blings. It’s a must. You put rims on everything, on your crooked car, on your toaster on everything. Next you need to bling it up. The more you got and bigger they are, the better. So , you better cancel your iPad pre-order, because the diamond iPad will be released on June 1 by Mervis and it will cost $19,999.

It is covered with 11.43 carats of diamonds, graded G/H in color, VS2/SI1 in clarity and it’s something totally suited for a walking circus. Just pick anybody? Maybe T-Pain, maybe Soulja Boy. Me? Nah, i ain’t got no jewels on my neck? Why? I don’t need em, i got your respect….