First Burger King Japan, Now UK Pizza Chain Installs iPod Docks In Every Booth

You’d think a fast-food joints would be interested in living up to their name and rotating customers out as quickly as possible, but back in July we told you that in Japan, Burger King is installing ‘musical shower seats’ called ‘sound spots’ and now UK pizza chain is installing iPod docks in every booth.

Pizza Express’ iPod dock scheme will begin rolling out at their Richmond location as part of a total redesign of their chain, which they are calling “The Living Lab.” The idea is to essentially make Pizza Express locations slice-serving havens for gadget-obsessed, always-connected consumers. The built-in iPod docks will not only allow customers to charge their iPhones and iPod Touches while they dine, but also to pump their own tunes into their booth.

Pizza Express’ futurization isn’t stopping with iPod docks: they’re also installing parabolic, sound-isolating booths for extra privacy as well as a way to remotely call a waiter over to the table, similar to the blinking stewardess button on an airplane. Sounds pretty snazzy, like the diner in Back to the Future 2… but how’s the actual pizza?

[via CoM]