Bleach Bypass Photo Editing iOS App Free For A Limited Time

For photography enthusiasts and iPhoneographers, Bleach Bypass adds a cinematic quality to your iPhone photos using high-quality image processing. Save your images in full resolution with geolocation and full EXIF data.

Fotosyn Bleach Bypass applies the Bleach Bypass effect to your images. A popular visual style in movies and TV, Bleach Bypass is used to enhance atmospheric effect through desaturated colour, heavy vignetting and contrast.

The term ‘Bleach Bypass’ principally refers to the development process of colour film, with the skipping of the bleaching process that removes the silver in the film emulsion. This results in a contrasty, desaturated image.

Fotosyn Bleach Bypass features eight adjustable effects including Cinematic, Extreme, Monohint, Muted, Blush, Breeze, Verve, Nostalgia and Rustic.

Cinematic, Extreme and Monohint reduce saturation and increase contrast at varying levels, while Blush, Breeze, Verve, Nostalgia and Rustic add shifts in colour. Muted deepens tones and colours for an overall moody effect.

All effects can be used with or without vignette and there are a choice of borders including Light, Dark and Retro.

Fotosyn Bleach Bypass uses geolocation data for your images through the camera, and retains this data after processing. Any EXIF data within the image is also retained.


  • 9 Adjustable Bleach Bypass Style Effects.
  • Geolocation with existing images and new images taken with app.
  • EXIF data retained.
  • Save your images at full resoultion to camera roll.
  • You can now also share and edit images with multiple apps that use PhotoAppLink without the need for saving.

Bleach Bypass is available for free ( limited time ) in the app store

[images via Flickr]