iTether: iOS Tethering App Gets Apple’s Stamp Of Approval

Ever since the iPhone came out, multiple efforts have been submitted to Apple to bring tethering from your iOS device to your portable computer. Here’s the latest “iTether”. This one though, isn’t disguised as anything, it’s a straight up USB tethering app that requires a helper application to be running on your computer.

Although Apple has approved this, it may or may not stay up for long. So if you missed out on any of the hidden tethering apps, and you have just shy of $15.00 in you pocket, that you don’t know what to do with ….head on over to the app store and grab your copy, before the cell providers cause a stink and its removed.

“Tether is an application that allows you to have full Internet access on your laptop anywhere using your smartphone’s data plan. No more WiFi hotspots, extra data plans or costly Air Cards!”

iTether is available for $14.99 in the app storeGOT PULLED FROM THE APP STORE