biteSMS Updated To v5.3

New day, new update in Cydia: biteSMS. biteSMS is a great alternative to the default messaging app and comes with lots of extra features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, privacy, scheduled SMS, passcode lock, delivery reports, signatures, and much more!

You can simply use biteSMS as a souped-up replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do.

In addition, if your mobile carrier charges a lot for sending SMS messages (internationally for example), you can buy credits and send messages via the biteSMS network, which can be much cheaper.

New in v5.3:

Quick Reply now shows MMS picture(s).

  1. Quick Reply pull-down curtain also shows MMS pictures.
  2. In Quick Reply, for MMS pictures simply tap to view in full screen (on lock and unlock screens), tap to return. zoom in, out, scroll etc.
  3. Improved Quick Reply, such that the text field grows as you type more lines.
  4. Added ‘Auto-Forward SMS’ feature, redirect your incoming SMS messages to another phone!
  5. Added ‘Repeat Alert’ option in biteSMS > Settings > Ringtones (Once, Twice….10 Times).
  6. Added ‘Open to List’ feature (when pressing biteSMS icon, the conversation list only will open).
  7. Added ‘Auto Show Recents’ feature in Quick Compose. See biteSMS > Settings > Quick Compose.
  8. Added ‘Quick Switch’ menu feature when long holding on the [send] button.
  9. Added ‘Mark all Read’ feature in Quick Reply and Compose for the pull down Previous Messages feature.
  10. biteSMS now properly supports the ‘Large Text’ feature in Apple Settings > Accessibility.
  11. When long holding a bubble to show the timestamp we show the text in orange for TextFreek sent and received messages (for new messages only).
  12. Added a new Quick Reply setting ‘Show MMS’. This is to allow those users on carrier networks (e.g. AT&T) to turn off MMS in Quick Reply as it causes an issue with Group messaging.
  13. Added a paste feature to Quick Compose in the ‘To:’ field.
  14. Send from command line ( see tutorial here )
  15. Performance improvements inside the biteSMS application.
  16. Fixed a bunch of bugs.

biteSMS is available in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…