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BiteSMS 5.2b1 Brings iOS 4.3 Compatibility And TextFreek Integration

Just a quick heads up: BiteSMS has just released a new Beta for their SMS client. The Beta brings some bug fixes and compatibility with iOS 4.3 . It also integrates their new App store app TextFreek right into the BiteSMS app.

BiteSMS 5.2b1 changelog:

  • TextFreek integration (biteSMS, Settings, TextFreek)
  • iOS 4.3 compatibility
  • New feature for the default send method to be “Remember per Contact”. Especially useful when you’d like to switch to using the biteSMS network for specific friends (say international or not included in your carriers unlimited plan).


To install this beta add the following source in Cydia:


TextFreek lets you text anyone, anywhere, anytime for free. It’s the smartphone way to text on iPhone, iPod, iPad and other smart devices!

  • Takes just seconds to join…
  • It’s a breeze to use
  • It’s super fast
  • It’s funky, with cool features like smileys and contact pics
  • On iPod? We give you a mobile number to share with your TextFreek friends!


Q: Why do I need to install TextFreek?

A: The TextFreek app relies on Apple push technology to send text messages between devices for free. Without the TextFreek app installed, you can’t enjoy free texting.

Q: To text for FREE do I have to open the TextFreek app?

A: No, biteSMS takes over the TextFreek application so you can send and receive TextFreek messages directly from biteSMS. You only need to open the TextFreek app once, to register initially.

Q: How do I know if I am sending a TextFreek message?

A: Whenever you send a message to a TextFreek user you’ll know because the send button will be orange. Great, so it’s a fully integrated FREE messaging service within biteSMS. That’s so easy, it’s scary! TextFreek is on the App Store now…biteSMS Release 5.2 coming around 22 March.

TextFreek is available for free in the app store…