BitDefender Claims There Is A New Trojan Targeting The iPhone

Same old story: BitDefender claims that an email scam offering unlock solutions is targeting iPhone users. “After being urged to connect their iPhone to a PC, the victims are then instructed to download the application and run it on the iPhone.” said Mihai Andrei Livadaru, a virus researcher. He also explained that once the app is downloaded on the iPhone, an executable file will infect with a trojan known as Trojan.BAT.AACL.

BitDefender claims that the trojan changes the PC’s preferred DNS server address for internet connections to 188.210, which allows them to be directed to malware-laden websites.

Bottom line: we said it before , and we will say it again ( iPhone DevTeam said it too ) : jailbreaking and unlocking tools are developed by the iPhone community and they will always be free. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is…