Belkin x LEGO ‘Builder’ Case For iPad Mini [video]


After releasing an iPhone 5/5s and iPod touch 5th gen LEGO cases, Belkin has now released the LEGO Builder case for the iPad mini. The case is available in three colors – green, red and yellow – and features and official LEGO baseplate that you can use to attach the icon bricks to.

The polycarbonate case also features a smart cover that wakes the tablet when opened, and folds to create a stand ( just like Apple’s smart covers. )

The Belkin x LEGO Builder Case for iPad mini is available for $59.99 at the Belkin webstore. You can still buy the Belkin x LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5/5s for $39.99 here. And the Belkin x LEGO Builder Case for iPod touch 5th gen for $29.99 here.

belkin-lego-ipad-mini-1-FSMdotCOM belkin-lego-ipad-mini-2-FSMdotCOM