Backgrounder svn.r432-1 For iPhone, iPod and iPad Finally Out Of Beta

In the last couple of days we got you up to date with all the beta upgrades of backgrounder. The final version was released in Cydia via BigBoss repo.

Remember that Backgrounder is a MobileSubstrate based extension to Apple’s SpringBoard application launcher that allows applications to run in the background ( apps are normally terminated upon suspension ).

Full changelog after the break….

  • MOD: major reworking of preferences
  • all settings can now be set per application ( by creating an “override” )
  • “backgrounding persists” has been renamed to “stay enabled”
  • the former blacklisting option is now achieved by creating an override and setting “backgrounding method” to “native”
  • the former always-enabled option is now achieved by creating an override and enabling both “enable at launch” and “stay enabled”
  • MOD: preferences app now supports iPad-mode ( portrait only )
  • NEW: prevent apps such as safari from backgrounding by setting “backgrounding method” is off
  • NEW: button to reset settings to default values
  • NEW: option to show a backgrounding status indicator in the status bar
  • NEW: “minimize on toggle” option; disable to prevent current app from minimizing when enabling/disabling backgrounding
  • NEW: “fallback to native” option; disable to force even apps such as Mail, Phone, Safari and iPod to quit on minimize when backgrounding state is disabled
  • FIX: fixed support for modifying badge via WinterBoard
  • File to theme is Backgrounder_Badge.png in the bundle
  • FIX: iPad badge position
  • Badge origin is {-12, 39} for iPhone/iTouch and {-12, 53} for iPad