Backgrounder For iPhone And iPod Touch Gets An Update

New day, new update in Cydia: Beckgrounder. The update is still in beta , and many things have changed in this version:

1. Added option to show a backgrounding status indicator in the status bar
2. Can now disable backgrounding of apps suck as Safari by setting backgrounding method to Off.
3. Major reworking of preferences :

  • All settings can now be set per-application ( by creating an “override” ).
  • “Backgrounding Persists” has been ranamed to “Stay Enabled”
  • The former blacklisting option is now acheived by setting “Backgrounding Method” to Native
  • The former always-enabled option is now acheived by enabling both “Enable at Launch” and “Stay Enabled”

4. Fixed support for modifying badge via WinterBoard. Modify by overriding image ” Backgrounder_Badge.png” in SpringBoard bundle

Like we said, the update is still in beta, and you might not want to upgrade because some of the new features won’t work properly. If you still want to beta test this update and report bugs and issues, add this source in Cydia: