Autotune Is NOT Dead: Autotune iPhone Resurrection

If you’re a child of the mid 90’s than you must know the autotune effect. No? Well maybe not, because MTv is just selling and not educating. You know that saying ” There was music, and there was MTv ” right? Well of course you know the autotune effect, its that horrible effect T-Pain introduced into the music he calls hiphop.

There was a whole phenomenon around the ingenuity of T-Pain’s magical voice effect, but if you really want to listen to some real good autotune effect, listen to George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic from back in the 70’s and early 80’s ( or check out the mule from smule – those dudes with the ocarina app ). If you are paying attention to the hiphop world, now there is some kind of a “war” against this effect started by Jay-Z (i believe). He said that autotune is dead. Well Jay, how wrong can you be? Autotune is not dead, it resurrected on the iPhone.

A couple of rappers and singer tried it on camera and who better than T-Pain to introduce it. Shawnna, Luda, I-20 and T-Pain test it out. Autotune application for iPhone coming soon.