Auto ShutDown: A Shut Down Timer For Your iPhone And iPod Touch

New day, new app in Cydia: Auto ShutDown. The app is basically a timer that you set to shut down, reboot etc your iDevice at a time interval you set. Its easy to start and stop  this timer, you just hold the power button down until the power slider appears, then under that is another slider which you can use to start/stop the time.

There is no application here, you turn the timer on/off from your power down view, and the settings are in the . There are many settings to choose from, when the timer expires you can turn your devices off, reboot your device, or just stop playing music and lock your device. Also you can choose to turn certain alerts on/off.

This timer is always running once your turn it on. It is a springboard injected timer so it takes away minimal processing power. Also don’t worry if you set the timer and are playing a game and you forget about it, because 10 seconds before the timer will go off, a countdown alert will appear allowing you to press the STOP button, to stop the timer. You can also turn this countdown alert off in the settings.

You can find this app in Cydia store for $1.49