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AT&T Rumor: MMS Coming With iPhone Firmware 3.1

AT&T is the most hated cell phone carrier on the planet earth, or so it seems everywhere you look. With the new iPhone OS 3.0 Apple announced iPhone MMS and tethering compatibility.

Everybody was excited until AT&T said that they will not offer this services until “later this summer” . Boo-hoo. So, people were mad, but finally got used to the fact that they have to wait for the official release of this services. Got used to it, until they start to wonder when the hell will this happen, what exactly does “later this summer” means

The information i just got from my AT&T ninja , seems to be the same as “later this summer” . He told me that AT&T will enable MMS for its users once the new iPhone firmware 3.1 will be released . Released date for the new firmware is not certain, all we know is that it will be released towards the end of August or early September.