AT&T Responds To Verizon With A New iPhone Ad [video]

Yesterday Verizon released their first iPhone 4 ad, where they basically say that now, you can finally place calls on your iPhone . Today, AT&T responds with their own ad saying that only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time.

In this Network spot, a man is working late in his office when he receives a call from his wife. When she asks about the plans for their anniversary that night, a frantic look crosses his face as he realizes he has forgotten the big night. Mid-call, he is able to pull up the browser of his iPhone and search for restaurants. Playing it cool, he talks up the night’s plans while making the reservations from his phone.

The ad feels a little bit ‘rushed’, but it will be fun to assist at this AT&T vs Verizon ‘war’. See the ad after the jump…