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aTimeTool: Auto-Start and Close iPhone Airplane Mode, WiFi and Bluetooth

New day, new app in Cydia: aTimeTool and it pretty much does what the title says. It allows you to set a time and date for your iPhone’s Airplane mode/WiFi/Bluetooth to start or close.I believe this app is extremely useful only if you travel a lot , because you can set the Airplane mode to start and end, and you dont need to worry about checking the phone everytime you have to travel. As far as the WiFi and/or Bluetooth goes, i personally why should this app be useful.

Its only usefull , i think, if you know every hot spot in your area, and you calculate how much time untill you get there, how long you are going to be there . And besides i believe that the iPhone will ask you anyway if you want to joing a network. Really, autostart WiFi? Why would anyone need that? I mean you got the toggle in SBSettings and its extremly useful. Autostart bluetooth? why? I really dont see any use for this functions. You have all this toggles in SBSettings, they are one swipe away, and they are free.

Oh, did i forget to mention that aTimeTool its not free? No , no , no…. its not, you can buy this app for $5.99 from within the app. When you install this app, you will get a 3 days , YES , 3 days ( what happened to one month, should i be in a hurry to try this app and decide to buy it? Really?!?! Cmon dudes… ) but at least you got the app fully functional.

Using this app is pretty much straight forward. You choose a toggle ( airplane mode/bluetooth/wifi ) and you set the time you want to turn it ON and the time you want to turn it OFF. You can also choose the day(s) you want to repeat the action for that toggle. Again, why someone would find this useful for Bluetooth or WiFi , beats me and beside you cant even set the toggle to be turned ON in , lets say… 3 days from now. Pretty boring and not usefull at all, but if you want be my guest and pay $5.99 for it. Your choice….