Astrofox: a Motion Graphics Tool for Creating Audio-Reactive Visuals Synced to Music

Today, everybody seems to be a musician. And that’s not a bad thing. There are many, many talented people out there. And because of the internet it’s easier than ever to share your creations with the world. But sometimes just the audio won’t cut it, and not everybody can do, or afford, a music video. Here’s where Astrofox comes in.

Astrofox is a motion graphics tool for creating audio-reactive visuals synced to music. You can combine images and text with audio elements like sound waves and spectrum bars that react to music. You go further by adding one of many effects like blur and glow to enhance your visuals. Then save your work as high-definition videos and share them on social media sites to gain new fans.

You can check out Astrofox in action below and download the app for macOS, Linux and Windows here.