The New AppStore Hit Reviewed: Slice It!

Another day, another dollar, & today i spent just short of a dollar on a top-rated game… just to see what the fuss is about. Slice It!, developed by Com2uS Inc, has reached #1 in the Top Paid Games section in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Sweden, UK, & also reached the #2 spot in all paid apps in the US.

Slice It! is a simple game thats makes sure you have to use some of those amazing fractions skills that you learnt in school, but thought you would never actually need.

In this game, the objective is simple, slice a pre-determined shape exactly how many times you are told (no more, no less), into exactly as many peices as you are told. The hardest part is actually trying to figure out where to “Slice It”, so that you can get a higher score by making sure the shapes left at the end are equal in area.

In all there are 5 stages, each with 20 levels to complete & if you manage to get that “Perfect” 5 star score, you get a “hint” allocated. These hints can be used as and& when you need, but you can only use a maximum of 2 hints per level.
As the game progresses it implements different things to make it that little bit harder such as “restricted area’s” that you can’t slice through.

The UI is cute, quaint, & very easy to navigate. It’s almost ‘Angry Birds-esque’. For a penny short of a buck, its well worth the purchase & I look forward to seeing the update.

You can buy Slice It! from the app store…

[thx JHackstar]