Three New Apps For The iPad And iPhone From MUJI

The Japanese no-brand retailer Muji is taking an interesting approach to their iPhone and iPad apps. Instead of just having a product catalog/store app (although they have that too), they’re also offering apps that are very much like the products they offer in their real-world stores. There’s a simple calendaring app that syncs with Google Calendar, a notebook app for sketching and note-taking, and an app called Muji to Go that combines a bunch of different functions that travelers might need (weather, currency exchange, power socket guide).

MUJI Calendar syncs with Google Calendar, and allows for more sophisticated navigation of crowded schedules. MUJI Notebook provides a way to record ideas and thoughts, in a combination of hand drawn images and typed text, input through the keyboard or handwriting recognition.

MUJI to GO is designed with travelers in mind, providing fast access to the world clock, world weather display, an index of international power adapters, fast access to google search, a currency converter, and a calculator.