Apple Releases iOS 8.1


Right on schedule. Apple released today, as promised, iOS 8.1 – the first major update to iOS 8. The new update brings bug fixes, speed improvements, UI changes, enables continuity features ( text message forwarding and instant hotspot ), opens access to Apple’s iCloud Photo Library beta.

In iOS 8.1 Apple brings back Cameral Roll replacing the “Recently Added” photo album.

There is a new “Enable Dictation toggle” in Settings > General > Keyboards. This allows you to toggle dictation for the Apple keyboards that you have enabled in the Settings.

iCloud Photo Library can now be enabled as a beta in Settings > Photos & Camera. The services automatically uploads and stores all your photos and videos on iCloud allowing you to view and edit them on any device.

iOS 8.1 enables the Text Messages Forwarding feature ( SMS Relay ). The feature, once enabled on an iPhone and other drives signed into the same iMessage account, allows you to send and receive SMS text messages on any devices. Wait, what? That means that you can reply to a traditional SMS text messages from your Mac or iPad using your iPhone as a relay hub.

Instant Hotspot allows you to weather your iOS devices without having to manually enabled Personal Hotspot first.

Apple Pay has also been enabled in iOS 8.1 allowing iPhone and iPad users to pay through their credit cards that are configured with Apple Pay and Passbook. Pretty much if you’re not in the US, you don’t even have to care about this feature, because it won’t work for you.

iBooks has a new icon.

iOS 8.1 can be downloaded and installed via OTA or via iTunes.