Apple Music Promo Videos

apple-music-FSMdotCOMYesterday Apple unveiled Apple Music. To be honest the most appealing thing about it, at least to me, is the worldwide radio. But I really doubt it will be so good that it will make me fork 10 bucks each month. Either way, the good news is that Apple offers a 3-month free trial which might convince people to stop using other services like Spotify. Because… you know… your inner hipster can’t wait for that unknown artist to drop, for free, the next “Dark Side of the Moon” exclusively on Apple Music.

Apple Music will be available on June 30, in over 100 countries ( if it’s anything like iTunes Radio, and you live in Narnia, just use a VPN to get connected and that’s it, enjoy your 3-month free trial ) with the release of iOS 8.4 and a new version of iTunes.

In the meantime, jump over the break to check out the Apple Music promo videos…

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