Apple Drops OS X 10.7 Lion

OS X Lion is the newest, strongest and sexiest operating system released from the hallowed, Ives-designed halls of the computer giant. CFO Peter Oppenheimer let it slip yesterday that Mac OS 10.7 (aka Lion) is slated to take the world by storm today… and here it is.

Available as a 4GB download, the new operating system is stuffed to the brim with 250 fresh features including an iOS-like app launcher, multi-touch gestures, AirDrop for direct file sharing and system-wide Resume. More enhancements that will feel particularly familiar to iOS users include a new version of Mail with conversation view as well as reverse touchpad scrolling. Lion retails for a measly $30, with the Lion Server available as a $50 download for those Apple fanatics who need to extend the reach of their operating system to a house or office full of MacBooks.

Mac OS X Lion is available in the Mac AppStore..