Apparently, Apple Fixed The Security Flaw In Safari To Block JailbreakMe. Not Released Yet…

JailbreakMe 2.0 was released a couple of days ago, and apparently, Apple already has a fix for the security flaw in Safari. According to CNet, Apple says that it has a fix for the browser security flaw discovered earlier this week on its iOS-powered devices.

On Wednesday an Apple spokeswoman said in a statement, “We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.” Apple declined to say when the update would be pushed out.

If you already jailbroken your iPhone , you’re golden. BUT as we said before , DO NOT update to future releases of iOS, because if you do, you will loose the ability to jailbreak. Just stay away from that update button.

iPhone DevTeam member, PlanetBeing, also advise people to buy an iPhone 4 as soon as possible ( if they are planning on getting one , of course ), because any day now, Apple will push the new iOS update hence, no jailbreak.