Spotify Releases SpotON Radio. One Less Reason To Use Pandora

As most of you are probably aware, Spotify is rapidly gaining popularity in the US, much like it has internationally. Unfortunately, their iPhone app is rather lacking. And that’s being nice. Today though, a bright spot has emerged from the murky depths of the ocean that is the app store.

SpotOn is the first app to hit the store using Spotify’s new public APIs. Specifically, the cool one that allows for a radio like experience (think pandora, but with a better music library and relevant song choices).

Not to get into too much detail, but it’s a very well done app. The UI is beautiful and intuitive, it seems to works well, and the best part…NO ADS! I assume from the description this is simply because it’s only temporarily free, but all being equal, it’s refreshing to see a useful free app without ads.

If you are a premium user, you need this app. It’s simply awesome. Get it while its free! And no, it’s not universal… Still no iPad glory.

SpotOn Radio is available for free ( for a limited time ) in the app store