The ‘Anki Drive’ Robotic Car Game Is Now Available at Apple’s Online and Retail Stores [video]


First demonstrated during Apple’s Keynote at WWDC in June, the Anki Drive is a “video game in the real world”, a game similar to slot car racing but using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and iOS-based controls.

The game is now available exclusively through Apple’s online and retail stores, the starter kit ( vinyl track and two cars ) setting you back $200. Each addition car ( the red RHO, and the blue and gold KATAL ) are available for $70 each.

Each Anki Drive car has its own unique name, personality, and statistics, with some offering greater acceleration speeds while others having more energy. There are multiple gameplay modes, including multiplayer and single player modes, with cars lacking a human controller using a proprietary AI system.

The Anki Drive is available now at the Apple’s online store and retail stores.