Amazing Lego Docks For The iPhone And iPod Touch

Christmas is actually here. Well what’s two days? Nothing, right? Everybody will get a new iPhone or iTouch and maybe some other hot gizmos , but i bet that Santa will bring a Lego set to some of you, as well. Lego is always fun, but if you get an iPhone how about building a Lego dock for it?

The dock above was built by a 11 years old kid named Ted Jarvis Ang. Within 24 hours, here’s his creation. His idea was to come up with something simple and elegant, yet useful and functional. The iStand tilts, swivels, has shock-absorbers, and is easily re-configurable.

Source Flickr

The second one , well… there is no point for me to describe it to you guys because there is a video below which pretty much demonstrates what this bad boy can do. For more info and pictures check the Flickr page.