ALL DAY: adidas Introduces a New Fitness App Inspired by Sport [video]

adidas’ ALL DAY app is an all-new app that delivers a 360 approach to fitness to motivate you on the path to a stronger, more balanced you.

adidas has just announced “ALL DAY”, a new fitness app that offers daily ideas, techniques and inspiration from leading experts across the four key drivers of athletic performance: movement, nutrition, mindset and rest.

The app will focus on the four key drivers of athletic performance:

  • MOVEMENT: Core to our health, strength and well-being
  • NUTRITION: The fuel we need to thrive
  • MINDSET: Staying centered and focused on the game plan of the day
  • REST: Taking the time to recharge our bodies and mind

The app will be available for download sometime this summer, but if you’re interested you can learn more about ALL DAY and sign up for the pre-release stage of development here.