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Algoriddim Releases Djay 2 for iPhone and iPad [video]



Algoriddim has released today Djay 2 for iPad and iPhone,  introducing a groundbreaking new user interface that uses sliding layers to combine turntables, HD Waveforms, and a drum machine into an intuitive, yet powerful all-in-one DJ system.


New User Interface

  • Multiple Performance Layers: easily switch between turntables, waveforms, and the sampler to take your DJ performance to the next level
  • Single Deck Mode: rotate your device to focus on an individual deck with larger controls

HD Waveforms

  • Parallel Scrolling Wave View: touch and interact with two songs side-by-side
  • Colored Waveforms: visually find sounds, such as drums, vocals or base lines, using a frequency based color mapping
  • Spectral Timeline: visually identify song structure, intro, chorus and verse for quick song navigation
  • Slice Mode: turn the beats in the waveform into temporary hot cues and remix on the fly
  • Slip Mode: scratch your music without interrupting the flow as it snaps back in time on release
  • Beat-Grids: use auto-detected visual beat markers for precise cueing and beat matching 

Sampler & Drum Pads

  • Sample Player: tap any of the 12 sample pads to trigger sounds from the pre-bundled content
  • Sample Recorder: record live from playing decks to create your own one-shot samples
  • Custom Presets: assign samples, color-code individual pads and save it as a custom preset

New Music Library

  • Song Queue: quickly build a playlist for requests and upcoming songs
  • History Playlists: see what has already been played during your session and easily recreate a great mix later
  • Instant Preview: tap and hold a song in the library to preview it before loading it to the deck
  • Advanced Sorting: rearrange playlists by BPM, title, artist, or time
  • Analyze Library: pre-analyze your library so BPM, waveforms etc. are instantly available when loading a song
  • Full-Screen Mode: dynamically expand your library to browse songs more easily
  • Light & Dark Theme: adjust your library theme for maximum readability depending on lighting

Advanced Performance Tools

  • Perfect Sync™: seamlessly blend songs together for a perfect transition or mashup
  • Loop-FX: remix live by swiping across the XY-pad for beat-matched loops with simultaneous filtering 


  • Direct music library access
  • Automix 
  • Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Filter
  • Mixer, tempo, and EQ controls 
  • Looping
  • Cue Points 
  • Recording 
  • Pre-Cueing with headphones (using Griffin DJ Cable or multi-channel audio interface) 
  • Advanced time-stretching (Key Lock)
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Auto-Gain 
  • Pitch-Bend 
  • iCloud integration to sync metadata
  • AirPlay integration 
  • iTunes Store integration
  • Support for all major audio formats (no support for DRM protected songs) 
  • Support for DJ MIDI Controllers: Vestax Spin 2, Numark iDJ Pro, Numark Mixdeck Quad, Numark iDJ Live, Numark iDJ Live II, ION iDJ 2 Go, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo, and Pioneer DDJ-Ergo

Djay 2 is available for iPhone ( $0.99 iTunes link ) and iPad ( $4.99 iTunes link )