Adrian Grenier Is Planning On Saving The World With An iPhone App

Adrian Grenier is designing an iPhone app meant to help people make eco-friendly shopping decisions. We realize this sounds like the result of that creative writing exercise where you get a bunch of random nouns and make them into a short story, but it’s true, and as cynical as we want to be about the combination of shopping, environmentalism, and Vince from Entourage, the idea sounds rather intriguing.

As Forbes helpfully explains, “Grenier isn’t coding the app himself.” He’s working on it in concert with the people behind ShopSavvy, an application which scans an item’s barcode to tell you if you can find a better price for it either online or locally. Using the same technology, Grenier’s project, called Ecohero, would let you know whether a given product was an environmentally responsible purchase. If you really want to be kept in line by your phone, you can even ask it to track your buying habits and suggest forms of penance, though that sounds a little masochistic for us. Still, it would be nice to know when a t-shirt is organic, and when it’s just, you know, “organic,” so we’re glad Vinny Chase is on the job.

[via NBCLosAngeles]