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HOW TO: Add A Ripple Transition Effect To Barrel 3D SpringBoard Tweak For The iPhone/iPad [video]

A few weeks ago we talked about Barrel, a tweak that adds a 3D cube effect to your icon pages, similar to Compiz on Linux. Today, we’re going to show you how to add a ripple transition effect to the tweak, like the one in the vid above.

1. Download and install Barrel ( via Cydia ) – pretty obvious

2. Download iFile ( free in Cydia )

3. Using iFile browse to /Library/PreferenceBundles/

4. Now, tap on threedeepref.plist and choose ‘Property List Viewer’

5. Scroll down, until you see this list of integers ( use screenshot below for reference ) , tap on ‘Edit’ and focus on the last one. It will say ‘ <integer>30</integer> ‘ . You will need to change ’30’ with ’21’ . Then tap on ‘Save’

6. Respring your iPhone/iPad

7. Go to Settings>Barrel> and make sure the ‘Mode’ is set to ‘Curl and Roll Away’

8. That’s it. Now everytime you swipe, you will get the ripple effect on icons.

NOTE: won’t play that nice with folders