ActMonitor Is Now Available For Free In The App Store


If you were looking for an app that allows you to monitor your iOS devices, today is your lucky day! ActMonitor shows you system info about your device. It takes almost no space and really easy to use.


  • Information about the network.
  • Wi-Fi, Edge/3G/LTE and Bluetooth traffic.
  • Battery level, status and remainng life (estimated).
  • Memory status.
  • Disk free space information.
  • Processes list (To show system processes just pull list down).
  • Device identity (device name, os version, UDID (if available)) wich can be sent by email
  • Other detail info about Apple devices.

ActMonitor is available for free ( until March 13 ONLY ) in the app store

NOTE: If ActMonitor won’t cut it for you, check out iStat2