iStat2 for iOS: System Monitoring Anywhere You Are

I suffer from OCD, as I fear a lot of you do for one reason or another. In my case, one of my obsessions is the computers I manage. I have an overwhelming need to monitor them, and make sure they are running at their optimum levels. This can of course prove to be problematic, as I cant be physically there to look at them all of the time.

Now, I know that there are numerous options available to solve this problem. Frankly however, they are not real solutions. Most of them are crude workarounds at best. What I needed… What I have been searching for… Was an elegant, easy to setup, secure way to access all of the vital stats of the computers Im monitoring in one place. What I needed was iStat2.

iStat2, from Bjango software (makers of the awesome iStat Menu app for OSX), was launched today and it is nothing short of spectacular.

The UI is basic and clean. Upon launching the app you are greeted with a list of your managed systems. In the case of first launch, your iDevice is already listed with all sorts of handy stats. Adding new systems is as simple as installing the iStat server application from the devs website on the managed computer(available for OSX, Windows, and Linux) and working out any port forwarding issues you may have. Once the software is running, you simply tap the plus symbol in the app and enter the ip address of the desired system. The last step is authentication. Each system the server software is installed provides a randomly generated pin for pairing with your device.

Once the pin is entered, you are greeted with an overwhelming amount of data. Literally every sensor, every piece of hardware, every fan, EVERYTHING is at your finger tips complete with data logs. All of these items are of corse customizable and can be reordered, turned off or whatever your heart desires. The app is also equipped with iCloud sync, so after you add and configure everything, it trickles down to all your various iOS devices in the magic way only Apple can provide.

All of this, plus the ability to check on your computer(s) from anywhere in the world… priceless. Given this, you would expect such an app to cost $49.99 or more. And to be honest, at least for me, it would still be a great value. For some reason however, the fine folks over at Bjango have priced it at a paltry $4.99. If you have even one computer that you would like to keep an eye on, this app is a must have. Go get it. ( iTunes link )