📅 March 11, 2020     🕐 1 minute read

A Terminal Interface for Tetris

Here’s classic tile-matching puzzle video game for Linux and macOS users: Tetris.



  • on macOS via Homebrew brew install samtay/tui/tetris
  • on Arch/Manjaro/Arco etc the package is available in AUR yay -S tetris-terminal-git
  • other Linux distros via snapcraft sudo snap install tetris-thefenriswolf



Once installed start the game with tetris.


Available options:

-h,--help                Show this help text
-n,--no-preview          Don't show preview cell
-a,--ascii-only          Use '[]' as hard drop preview cell
-p,--preview-chars CHARS Customize two character preview cell (default: ◤◢)
-l,--level LEVEL         Specify level (unspecified results in prompt)
--high-score             Print high score and exit




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