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7 Sites To Download Cracked .ipa Files For iPhone and iTouch

A couple of months ago , FSMdotCOM , presented you the Top 3 Sites To Download Cracked .ipa Files for iPhone and iPod Touch . Posting those sites ( YES, Google included. If you know how to use the internet, you know why 🙂 ) i got a few people mad. Like it or not, this sites exists, and people are cracking apps, and people are using cracked apps. Not my fault, i dont agree with this “behavior” 100% and i always say: if you like the app, buy it! Dont be a freaking leech.

Since we’re on this subject, let’s take a look at a few alternatives:

1. AppTrackr


Biggest and best

2. AppCake

iPhoneCake is actually an asian blog, that has a subdirectory called appcake as well. Nothing wrong thus far, but that subdirectory is actually a cracked .ipa files “appstore”. Even if you have to translate it into english ( or any other language ) , you wont have any trouble on figure it out how to download the apps. Pretty similar to which i presented in the previous post.

NOTE: you will need to create an account for this site. Go to and here is the hottest tip you’ll ever get in your life: use firefox’s ubiquity extension for translation.Just highlight the text you want translated, hit ctrl+space to bring ubiquity up, type ‘tr’ and it auto translates. Hit enter if you want the translation to actually appear on the page. Knock yourself out 😉

3. iApplications

Big shock!! iApplications is a russian cracked iPhone .ipa files.

4. iPhoneAppList

This is another “alternative appstore”. This dudes are taking it to the next level, because they provide a tutorial on how to install cracked iPhone apps as well. Did they copy the tutorial from FSMdotCOM? Don’t think so because its not brain surgery , and you can find multiple methods on how to do it here .

5. VNMStore

Pretty much the same thing as This dudes actually took the time and did something with the look of the “appstore”. They didnt quite get it right with the background tho….

6. iDownloads

Yet another russian site. This is actually a blog and each post is a cracked app. Looks really crappy, but doubt that the look of the site is the aim and purpouse of it.

7. iRapple

Now this is a shock. This is the arabic persian “appstore alternative” . Not really nice on the UI tho….

Again, i have no affiliation with these sites. I have no control over them, 9/11 didnt happen because of me, and the apocalypse wont happen ( really apocalypse?!?! ) because of me. People who get offended by this sites, may take their frustration directly to them, please spare me of your comments.