iPhone 7 Concept Shows Wireless Charging, Wireless EarPods, New Design and Force Touch Home Button [video]


Here’s a new stunning iPhone 7 concept by Arthur Reis. The concept removes the camera bump that so many people had an issue with, gives the iPhone thinner antenna lines and takes the sexy curves of the iPhone 6 and combines it with the flat sides of the iPhone 4 and 5. The concept also shows a Force Touch Home Button with taptic engine, wireless charging and new wireless Beats EarPods ( I really hope Apple won’t go the wireless EarPods way. Bluetooth sound sucks…. but then again so the audio files most of us sync on our iPhones, the DAC inside the iPhone and the EarPods Apple provides right now. So it will probably won’t make any difference other than we will need to charge the EarPods too not just the iPhone ).

Jump over the break to check out more photos and a video of the iPhone 7 concept…



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