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Nimble: A Wolfram Alpha Menubar Client for OS X


Wolfram Alpha is amazing, but how often do we use it? Most of us forgot that it even exists and, maybe, use it without even knowing when asking Siri a question. If you want to use Wolfram Alpha more, but you don’t want the hassle of loading the website every single time, Nimble can change that.

The app sits quietly in your OS X’s menubar and when you want to use it, it works just like the site – just ask a question, in natural language, and get a quick answer to just about anything.

Even if you’re not sure what you want to ask, there’s a good chance Wolfram Alpha will figure it out.


You can get Nimble for free here.

If you’re wondering what other apps are in the menu bar in the first screenshot, here you go:

  • Nimble
  • Evernote
  • Fantastical
  • BetterSnapTool
  • Turbo Boost
  • Jumpcut
  • and the CPU you’re seeing is part of iStat Menus